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Are your feet Painful?

At Dr. Scudday's office. We will work to help "keep you on your feet"

We treat all causes a foot and ankle pain. From heel spurs (plantar fasciitis )to major deformities. Many of these conditions can be treated in the office without surgery. We pledge to try and not do surgery first. In fact, Plantar fasciitis rarely require surgery in our office.

Dr. Scudday treats painful deformities such as bunions, lesser toe deformities, corns and calluses, calluses on the bottoms of your feet, "fallen arches" (adult acquired flatfoot) chronic and acute tendon injuries with resulting deformities. We alos treat deformities from diabetes.

Dr. Scudday also treats more simple conditions such as ingrown toenails, warts, neuromas, and skin conditions.

Dr. Scudday's office. Our job is to keep you on your feet.

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